NetGames 2010

Keynote Speakers

Zhigeng Pan Professor, State Key Lab of CAD&CG
Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China

Zhigeng Pan received his Bachelor Degree and Master Degree from the Computer Science Department in 1987 and 1990 from Nanjing University respectively, and Ph.D Degree in 1993 from Zhejiang University.

Since 1996, he has been working at the State Key Lab of CAD&CG as a full professor.   Dr. Pan is a member of SIGGRAPH, Eurographics, IEEE, a senior member of the China Image and Graphics Association. He is on the director board of the International Society of VSMM (Virtual System and Multimedia), a member of IFIP Technical Committee on Entertainment Computing (acting as representative from China).

Currently, he is the Editor-in-Chief of The International Journal of Virtual Reality. He is on the editorial board of International Journal of Image and Graphics, International Journal of CAD/CAM, Journal of Image and Graphics, Journal of CAD/CG, He is the program co-chair of EGMM'2004 (Eurographics workshop on Multimedia), Edutainment'2005 and VEonPC'2005, and is the program co-chair of Edutainment'2006, conference co-chair of ICAT 2006, Cyberworlds2008.

Topic: Digital Olympic Museum and Sports Simulation

Digital Olympic Museum is one promising form to demonstrate the history, culture and highlights of Olympic Games. To provide functionalities of both sports and entertainment, several sports simulation systems are develpped. They are Virtual Bowling,  Virtual Pingpang, and Virtual Network Marathon. Virtual network marathon is implemented as one fitness-oriented virtual network game. Framework of prototype is illustrated. Three sports modes meet different users' requirements. Engine based scene and human edit provide users deeply immersing into virtual environment and enable real-time rendering. Synthesized synchronicity improves the game playability. Implementation of such system validates the feasibility to be used in digital Olympic museum.

Mark Sung General Manager, Zillians Incorporation

Mark Sung is the General Manager for Zillians Inc., a startup aimed at developing GPU-based cloud computing solutions for simulating large scale virtual worlds. Mark graduated from Chiao-Tung University in Taiwan with an bachelor and master's degree in computer science, specializing in MMOG development and high performance computing. In his 15 years of programming experience, Mark has played numerous leadership roles building teams and developing PC games.

From 2002 to 2005, Mark was signed on a contract to serve as architect on a large military simulation project in Taiwan. In 2006, Mark joined Taiwan start-up competition "YEF" and became the finalist/delegate. Between 2007 and 2008, Mark joined IBM to work on file system for supercomputing at the Almaden Research Center in San Jose. By the end of 2008, drawing from his past research and industry experience, Mark founded Zillians Inc. to exploit GPU computing technology applied to online gaming with the aim of building the world's most powerful app-platform for online game developers.

Topic: From Online Gaming to Cloud Computing

Deploying an online game service can be a challenging and expensive endeavor. The cost of maintaining the real-time experience for end-users easily overruns the budget of many small and medium-sized game studios. Because of this, we have spent years to develop a complete MMO cloud computing solution based on patent pending GPU technology. With our high performance network technology, one GPU cluster can support over 10x the client capacity of current CPU-based solutions. This opens the door to more complex game design choices such as smarter AI, real-time physics, crowd simulation, path-finding, and since game rules are enforced on the cloud - better game cheating protection. This cloud-based technology enables more game content to be created with less compromise and game developers can freely augment/enrich their game worlds without the worry of performance degradation and the burden of deployment and hosting.

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