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Local Tours & Meeting Information
Registration Time: 09:00 – 12:00, Nov 17
Registration place: Information Desk
Meeting Place: West Door, 1F, TWTC Nangang
Meeting Time: 18:20, Nov 17
Contact: Mike Chung

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Shilin Night Market  

Shilin Night Market is the one of the largest night markets in Taipei. The market is centered on Yangming Theater and Cicheng Temple. The night market is formed by many prosperous shops on Wenlin Road, Dadong Road and Danan Road, etc. Among them, Shilin Market was built as early as in 1899 and the market is famous for various snacks and eatery. Many visitors have come to Shilin Night Market to enjoy the delicious foods, such as large pancake enfolding small pancake, hot pot on stone or Shilin sausage. Shilin Night Market has become a renowned place for great foods.

Shilin Night Market covers a large area. When one walks in the turning lanes and alleys, he (she) would often find something unexpected. The night market is packed with many people during holidays. We can often see families carrying many things from shopping and enjoying good meals. Their satisfaction is fully shown from their happy expressions.

Transportation: MRT (Take about 40 to 50 minutes)
1.   Take bus from MRT Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station to MRT Nangang Station. (The bus stop is just next to the MRT Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station Exit 4.)
2.   Take MRT (Bannan Line) from Nangang Station to Taipei Main Station Station, and then transfer to take MRT (Danshui Line).
3.   Take MRT (Danshui Line) and get off at Jiantan Station, and walk out from Exit 1. Shilin Night Market is on the left side of the station.

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Longshan Temple & Huaxi Street Night Market  

Longshan Temple is a famous old temple in Taiwan. It is for worshiping Guanshiyin Buddha and other divine spirits. Longshan Temple is facing the South. Its architecture is a three-section design in shape. There are the front hall, the rear hall and the right/left dragons protecting the middle hall. The layout is square and serene. The temple was built in Qianlong 5th year in Qing Dynasty. Due to natural disaster and damages caused by men, the temple was restored for several times. The doors, beams, and poles are beautifully decorated. The temple has many Chinese poems, verses and lyrics on signs. These add a touch of literature in addition to the religious and sightseeing value.

There are great decorative lamp fairs and temple activities on historical festivals. On each 1st and 15th day each month of lunar year, regular visitors will come to the temple for worship ceremony. The temple attracts many people. At normal times, there are domestic/foreign tourists visiting the temple. Longshan Temple is not only a temple, a sightseeing attraction, but also a second-degree historical site. There are traditional streets/shops, antique shops, Buddhists article shops, and Chinese medicine shops surrounding the temple. These places are great to visit due to their richness in folk art.

Huaxi Street Night Market is located nearby Longshan Temple. The night market, together with night markets on Guangzhou Street, Wuzhou Street and Xichang Street, has formed a large unique market. Various commodities are sold here and it is one of the favored sites of tourists. In the early years, Huaxi Street is famous for congregated porno shops. After prostitution is banned by Taipei City Government, the sightseeing quality is greatly uplifted and the place becomes safer.

Transportation: MRT (Take about 30 minutes)
1.   Take bus from MRT Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station to MRT Nangang Station. (The bus stop is just next to the MRT Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Station Exit 4.)
2.   Take MRT (Bannan Line) and get off at Longshan Temple Station, and walk out from Exit 1.
3.   Head west on Section 3, Heping West Rd. toward Section1, Xiyuan Rd. Longshan Temple is on the right side.

Guide 1 in Japaness

Guide 2 in Japaness.

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